Over the years, the great benefits of golf have become more widely recognized.

It’s no longer considered some leisurely, slow, and gentle sport. Now, the game is celebrated for the powerful elements of energy involved – elements which require golfers to be in good shape.

So, if you’re someone who perceives golf as just a bunch of walking around and aimless swinging, think again. This game is so much more.

Benefits of the Game

  1. The physical act of hitting a golf ball involves and develops great strength and balance.

  2. Smashing golf balls out on the driving range is great aerobic activity.

  3. Playing golf activates the core postural muscles of your body to sustain balance. Engaging these deep abdominal muscles can lead to a flatter, firmer stomach and enhanced stability.

  4. The act of hitting a golf ball involves spinal twisting. Spinal twists are very important as they improve spinal flexibility and bring fresh blood to the cartilage between the vertebrae, plumping them up and adding greater protection to your spine.

  5. Golf works all three planes of motion due to the twisting action of the spine while moving. This delivers more of a full-body workout.


That’s a lot of goodness, right?

We’re sure you’d love to start soaking up the perks of this powerful game.

But where to start?

Oh yes, that’s where we come in.

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