Since it is my Birthday today I decided to write up some birthday ideas for the golfers in your family. I for one have outlawed golf gifts unless they are golf balls or something really unique. However, that is just me so here we go:

Golf Clubs:

Every golfer in your life would love to get that new Driver or that new Putter to help him or her shave a few strokes off of their score. But where do you start? Well take a look at their current set or casually bring up a conversation about what are the tour players using. You friend, husband, wife etc. will certainly drop hints about their favorite player, the golf clubs they want etc. Still not sure? No Problem! their are plenty of golf courses, golf ranges etc that sell fittings many of them also offer deals where lets say it $75 for the fitting but they will take that $75 off the purchase of any club. So now the golfer in your life can fully test out what is right for them. It is a win win.

Golf Accessories:

Does the golfer in your life use their phone or are they always looking for the right distances for their shots?

Well look no further one of the best gifts out there is the Golf Pad GPS tags.

These babies track your strokes, distance each club hits, even the amount of putts you take each round. And at $99 they are half the price of the next closest competitor. Their GPS on the phone is second to none.

Oh and if you want the upgraded app look no further than our store for a great deal.


Does the golfer in your life have way too many accessories?

Well that is no problem as the Snap Hookz Golf Accessory holder is the perfect answer. With all the crazy and wacky styles as well as the solid and multi color options you can find the right hanger for your Golfer.


old glory

old glory


Customized Golf Equipment –

What better way to please your golfers birthday wishes than with something with their name on it. You can have something simple like custom golf shaft bands, or even get a fully customized putter from various vendors. Just Google custom putter companies they will run you over $300 but are well worth it. There are a few custom wood putter companies that can come in around $200.


Don’t Want your Golfer losing anything –


Well there is a perfect reminder to keep your clubs with you as well as keep them dry.


Check out the Putter Buddy


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See you online on our Golf Social Network  I am going to go enjoy the rest of my Birthday!

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