Welcome to the Club

Welcome to the Club.

Hi. I’m Doug Hilgenberg.

I created Time To Play Golf – the quintessential online golf club – to inspire us all to expand this game together. It’s social networking at its finest, focused exclusively on golf, in an effort to help players find more golf partners, follow favorite courses, and facilitate meaningful connections through golf. Nothing better than that!

I grew up playing golf, starting the game with my Dad and taking it all through high school with my golf buddies. In college, on a baseball scholarship, I was lucky enough to get recruited for the golf team. These days, when I’m not working, I’m continuing my game by participating in amateur events. I’ve even won a couple. So for me, it’s all about golf, and my passion for the game ultimately led me to launch a thriving golf social network.

Time to Play Golf is the real deal. It’s a networking realm that enables all golfers, big or small in fame, the opportunity to grow this game.

Let’s Grow this Game Together!