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What is TTPGolf?

Time to Play Golf is a golf social network designed to help people build connections through golf anytime, anywhere. Find another player, discover new opportunities to play, launch/join golf events, and more!

Why do I have to enter my city and state?

We ask for your street address to give you the most accurate localized results. If you’re more comfortable doing so, you can enter the address of your local post office or anything nearby your home address.

Why do I have to input my birthday, handicap, and gender?

TTPGolf matches you with playing partners using parameters of distance, gender, age, and skill level. Most members will be using the full search feature. If you do not input all of your information, you may miss out on finding desired playing partners.

How do I choose what I see in my news feed?

Your news feed appears on your homepage after you sign in. It features posts from people you’ve connected with on Time to Play Golf, along with updates of their TTPGolf activities. Your posts and activities also appear on your connections’ news feeds. You can control what you see and what is published about you by adjusting your Privacy Settings.

How do I find a golf partner to play with?

You can use the members tab to browse or search for members by name, type of member, location, and distance. Advanced search options allow you to narrow the results, for example, by handicap. You can also publish your schedule and invite people to join you.

Does TTPGolf share my personal information?

  • Your Privacy Settings completely determine what other members can/cannot view. Review your Privacy Settings.
  • We do not share our email list.
  • If you follow courses and businesses, they will only be able to message you through the site.

What courses can I play?

When you find a playing partner on TTPGolf.com or the TTPGolf app, you must confirm with your group that a tee time is set. To do this on the TTPGolf mobile app, go to My TEES. Hit the “option” button on the top right. Select “confirm event.” Joiners will be notified via the mobile app.

Can my favorite course be listed on TTPGolf?

Yes. Don’t see your course listed? Let us know through our contact page and we’ll get it listed.

Why is no one finding me or connecting with me?

Try using a profile picture. The chances of people connecting with you greatly increase with a profile picture. Also, please download the TTPGolf mobile app on your Android or iPhone for the easiest way to find a golf match. See TTPGolf mobile app FAQ for details.

How do I find courses and follow them?

Go to the courses tab and search by zip code or name of the course.

Next, hit the “like” button. Now you are following the course!

How do I search for businesses that interest me, such as golf shops nearby?

Go to the business tab and click “browse businesses.” Now, you can find your favorite golf shops if they have a page on TTPGolf.com. If not, let them know. Let’s grow our club together!

Hit the “like” button to follow a business.

Can I add or maintain my favorite course’s profile?

Golf course listings are reserved for the courses and managers of golf courses. We strive to protect the integrity of every course. You may, however, create a group for your golf course under the “course members” section. Also, you can speak with your course and try to encourage them to use TTPGolf.com to help them.

How do events and groups work?

Events and groups work very similarly to other familiar social networks. Choose the category your group or event falls under and follow the listing instructions. Fill out as much as possible so everyone who views the group has all the necessary details.

Groups can create events that associate with the group. So, if you belong to a club or are a member of an association at a public course, you can create a group for that association and create events under the groups using the event tab inside the group.

Think outside the box for some activities, everyone! Call up a local watering hole and see if they can give you a nice deal on drinks or food. Get 50 people to come on out through TTPGolf and have fun! This may be a golf site, but let your mind be open to all networking possibilities.



Can anyone join?

The more the merrier! More members means more playing partners and more potential to expand this network.

How do I get my friends/family/fellow golfers on board?

  • Expand the TTPGolf network by inviting friends to join. Simply go to “Invite Friends.” Import both your Facebook and email contacts to reach out to all of your contacts .
  • You may also copy and paste your unique referral code (on the right side of the TTPGolf website) via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media sites, as well as via email and text, to get more people involved!

Can I contact any member?

You can contact other TTPGolf members as long as their Privacy Settings allow for it.

How do I edit my locker and set my profile Privacy Settings?

Under your profile picture, there is an “edit my locker” button. Click this. On the top of the edit my locker screen, there are multiple tabs you can use to edit your locker, including Privacy Settings.

What is the function of the share button?

The share button feature lets you share what’s on your mind. For example, if you saw something really interesting regarding golf or whatever, let your friends and the golf world know. You can share pictures, videos, or links.

How do I post a picture?

Click “add picture” and choose “file.” Select the file you would like to post and write about it in the share column.

How do I upload videos?

Uploading videos is a great tool for instructors and course managers!

Simply create a free account on one of our two video channels, YouTube or Vimeo.

Use the “share” button and copy the share link to the share feature on TTPGolf.com.

How do I search for golfers, instructors, and course managers?

Go to the members tab. There is a drop down titled “what.” Choose golfer, instructor, or course manager from the selection list.

You may have to input the zip code to browse certain members.

Use the advanced search tool to find members that are online or have profile pictures.

I own or work for a company. How do I add my business to TTPGolf?

Go to the business tab and hit “add new business.” Follow the instructions on the next few pages. Now, you are golfing and networking! Be sure to use your share feature as well as our rich text overview to make your company really stand out.

How do I edit my company?

Go to your company page and hit “edit business details” on the right hand side of the screen.

Can I add others to help maintain my groups or businesses?

Yes! On your group page or business page, go to members. Select “add as admin” to make a particular member a group administrator.

Grow your own network through golf and have fun doing it!

I was reported by another member and warned. Why?

We are providing a fun and professional atmosphere on TTPGolf.com. When you post, please say to yourself, “Would I want that to be public and does it offend others?” Also, think about how you would like to be perceived as an individual and/or a company.

This is a family atmosphere, as well. Harsh comments and harassment will not be tolerated. Please keep it fun and clean. Follow the “Golden Rule”: Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Our terms and conditions outline what is not acceptable.

How does scheduling work?

Simply post the time your scheduling as an event. Set the time, date and notes of an event for your personal schedule. Your friends and network will be able to see the scheduled event. The best way to schedule a match is by using the TTPGolf mobile app available for free download via Google Play and the App Store.

Why does my Twitter feed not show up?

When inputting your Twitter username do not use the @ symbol. Just use your username.