Let’s Grow this Game Together!

Connect your Golfers

Connect your Golfers to one another whether you are a Public or Private Facility. Allow your customers to be your word of mouth marketing. Let them post photos of your course and give positive reviews of your flawless greens!

No Risk

By selecting the Major Package TTPGolf will Re-Sell Golf packages and drive revenue to your course. Your Revenue increases while your expenses decrease.

Post Updates

Drive Revenue to your Course by keeping Golfers current on club news. Post course specific offers and events searchable by location.

Post Events

Have an outing coming up or a customer needs help getting the word out on their event Post it on Time to Play Golf. Our golfers love seeing new events near them!

Socially Connect

Seamlessly Connect your TTPGolf page to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Now you can post once and hit three channels saving you time and money as well as increasing your exposure.

Upload Photos and Videos

Show off your course by posting Pictures and Videos of your facilities. Golfers can also share photos and videos about their experiences at your course.

How does Time to Play Golf help my Club?

How can a Golf Social Network and Partner Pairing Application help your Club?

TTPGolf allows your current customers and members the opportunity to easily connect with one another and create golf matches at your golf course. This allows for more participation which leads to an increase in Greens Fees, Cart Fees, Food and Beverage Revenue, Etc.

When a foursome goes out an plays your course there is a much greater chance that they will come in for a drink or two on the turn or at the end of their round. When someone plays by themselves they are much less likely to consume any Food or Drink after their round at your course.

Is this for Public or Private Golf Courses?

Both it does not matter if you are a public or private facility TTPGolf works for both. Our Goal is to work together to grow the game and make golf more fun. Private facilities have members that can bring guests or even run a member for a day promotion on Time to Play Golf. Public facilities can connect members of their community to one another bringing value not only to the golf course but the community as a whole.

Is it easy to use I have a million things to do each day?

As with many social media outlets time is one of those factors that is needed to be successful. However, TTPGolf has a set it and forget it option to help increase participation at your course. You can also connect your TTPGolf profile to your Facebook and Twitter pages to post once from our golf specific Social Network to the other pages you run.

So you can pair up golfers to meet one another at a course…What else do you offer?

As a Golf Course Manager you can post any and all events at your club, you can set up groups or your golfers can set up groups at the club. We are currently looking into Scoring options and GPS options for our Mobile Application. We can integrate your current tee time platform on our website to have your Tee times front and center on your Time to Play Golf Page.

We combine what your are used to and what you currently use to help grow your club into a nice package for our members to find and play your course.

How much does it cost?

TTPGolf has no risk to the golf course, we will set up Golf Packages for Resale on our website. When our members purchase the package you are notified via e-mail and they must call to set up their time with you. We will split the proceeds of the sale that simple.

At Time to Play Golf we like to add value to the products you invested into to help grow your club. Together we will grow your club and we will Grow this Game!

Plans and Pricing

Time to Play Golf combines these resources to save you time and generate more Revenue for your Club. Below please see the Pricing for Time to Play Golf.

Let’s Grow this Game Together!



How does Revenue Share work?

It is simple we sell Golf Packages for your Course they can be individual packages, group packages, specials, etc. We take 35% of the Revenue Generated and you will take payment on the remaining 65% at your Club. Each golfer will call for reservations at the club and then will hand you their golf package receipt from Time to Play Golf.

On the receipt there is a Label “DUE AT COURSE” the customer will then pay the course what is due at the course. This way you are not waiting on payment for your services.

This is risk free to the course and can only generate positive cash flow. We calculate points based on the total value of the package which our customers will receive for future purchases. The Golf Course may also access their “SHOP” and add overstock products for sale on our website.

Please see below for a comparison of the percentage of revenue you will receive using Time to Play Golf and competitors.

The calculation is based on a golf round valued at $100. *Some variations may occur

  • Groupon 25%
  • Time to Play Golf 65%
  • Tee Time Providers 30%