With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about simple goals or “Golf Resolutions” for the upcoming 2014 golf season.

If you haven’t set any golf goals just yet, peruse this list for some quick resolution inspiration!

  • Lower your handicap.
  • Continue having fun playing the course.
  • Get outta your own way.
  • Hit the range more.
  • Become a stupid good putter.
  • Start or continue on with golf lessons.
  • Win your neighborhood golf league.
  • Attend one or more TTPG events.
  • Play more golf with TTPG’ers.
  • Better your swing.
  • Work on your short game.
  • Boost your mental game.
  • Walk the course more. Golf is an exercise, after all!
  • Make it a family game. A family that plays together, stays together!
  • Find an area of weakness in your game and work on that. Turn this weakness into a strength!
  • Try yoga to increase your flexibility and strengthen your core for a better swing and more stamina on the final holes.
  • Get in better golf shape. Work out more. Forgo the chili-dogs and Bud Light.
  • Practice and play more golf. Practice = progress.
  • Become an elite forum member in a golf network by offering valuable information regarding golf and non-golf related topics.
  • Play more rounds at difficult courses.
  • Win the Morgan Cup, of course.
  • Find the perfect golf partner!
  • Start golfing with new and/or different golf partners.

To fulfill those last two resolutions in the list (and more!), join our growing golf social network – TTPGolf.com. Conveniently find golf partners or make new golf buddies in your local area and beyond! What’s more, follow golf courses to keep up with the local and global golf scene and even create golf events and groups.

Let 2014 be your best year in golf yet!

Let’s Grow this Game Together!


Have you made your New Year’s resolutions for golf? We’d love to hear ’em!