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Welcome to the Club!

TTPGolf is all about helping you grow your client base and the game of golf. The more the game grows, the more you, as a golf instructor, will benefit!

We offer a budding golf social network chock-full of opportunities to connect with golf partners and potential clients near and far.

Take advantage of the following perks + features!

  1. Inspire. Post cool photos and give helpful golfing tips to your followers. Showcase your expertise as an instructor. Share personal/instructive videos via Youtube or Vimeo. Target golfers and a wider audience all at once!
  2. Promote your business. Do you own or work at a pro shop, driving range, etc.? Make sure to post your company profile in the business section on (under Golf Category). It’s free, so why not? Keep your information current. Help your course or business grow and you will grow with it!
  3. Play more golf. Sign up as a golfer as well so other players can discover you when looking to find golf partners. Hey, anyone could be a potential client, right? You might as well have some fun and who knows, a casual game might turn into a valuable client.
  4. Sharing power. We encourage you to utilize all of the easy-to-use social share features TTPGolf has to offer. Post an update across all of your social media accounts simultaneously. Also, link your Twitter feed by inputting your Twitter username into your contact info (Note: Do not use the @ symbol). See FAQ for more details.
  5. Spread the world. We urge you to invite your existing clients to follow you on Use the Invite Friends feature or your unique referral code, which can be shared via social media accounts, embedded in emails, as well as text messages. Simple copy and paste the link. You can even change the name of the link and it will still work. When you refer a member, they automatically become your friend on TTPGolf. Be sure to interact with your followers to boost your presence as an instructor!
  6. Scheduling abilities. Make use of our powerful scheduling tool. Keep it up-to-date so clients know when you have bookings available.

We encourage you to open your mind, get creative, and tap into this growing source of limitless networking potential.

Let’s work together to grow this game!

Join our golf network today!

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us or message the TTPGolf Course Manager.

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