There is such a thing as golf social graces. Your skills on the golf course matter little if you fail to interact politely with your golf partner(s). If you keep wondering why all of your golf buddies are bailing on you – maybe even replacing you – perhaps it’s time to brush up on your golf game etiquette.

  1. Show up on time. Sure, things happen and you might be late from time to time. However, don’t be that notoriously late player unless you want your golf friends plotting against you.
  2. Don’t be a chatterbox. When a player is preparing to hit, don’t strike up a conversation, go digging in your bag for something, or do anything that will create noisy distractions. Be quiet. Be considerate. Whisper if you must say something to another player.
  3. Don’t drag. Play as quickly and mindfully as possible. You don’t want your golfing partners constantly waiting on you with rolling eyes.
  4. Be positive. If you’re going to insert comments, keep them upbeat and light. No one likes a Negative Nancy. Also, small bouts of comic relief are welcome.
  5. Don’t ignore the flagstick. Pull the flag from the hole if your ball is closest. If you’re the first player to the green, pull the flag. If you have putted out, look for and pull the flag. Don’t always make the flag someone else’s task.
  6. Help to locate lost balls. Don’t just stand around and watch a golf player struggling to locate a lost ball. Help out!
  7. Watch the flight of others’ shots. That way, it will be easier to locate lost balls.
  8. Don’t waste everyone’s time looking for your lost ball. If it’s been over 5 minutes, consider the ball lost. Don’t tie up the other players looking for a ball that is probably long gone.
  9. Don’t be a know-it-all. This is arguably the worst type of golf partner. Generally, it’s best to keep your thoughts and critiques to yourself during the game unless asked for advice.
  10. Be real about your handicap. You’re only cheating yourself if you can’t own your true handicap. So, suck it up and admit your true score even if you’re disappointed by it.

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