TTPGolf is the fastest growing golf network bringing you – the golfer – a valuable, one-of-a-kind resource to network through golf.

The advantages of this golf social network are plenty!

Here’s a quick run-down of the opportunities available to you through TTPGolf:

  1. Be in the know. Follow your favorite courses for exclusive updates and events.
  2. Promote your business. If you own a business or are an authorized business representative, please feel free to list a business in the business section of
  3. Network. Join a group to connect with others who share your interests in golf and beyond. Think of it as a virtual party – you are now one of many other partygoers with at least one common interest to work with – golf. Create your own event to really start networking and socializing, be it at a course or a local watering hole. Get creative!
  4. Organize. Keep all of your friends’ contact information right in your virtual locker for easy access.
  5. Share. Use all of our social share features! You will no longer have to sign into all of your social media accounts to share an update with all of your friends. Just post to and share to all of your accounts at once. It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Now, you can create a golf (or non-golf) outing and spread the word via all of your accounts to bring more visibility to your event. You can also upload your photos in your locker and videos via Youtube or Vimeo. See FAQ for details.
  6. Invite your friends. It’s easy, fun, and free to get your friends and current golf partners on board! Please use the Invite Friends tab on See the member Challenge Event under the Events tab for details. We can track your referrals and you may even win a prize!
  7. Find golf buddies! On the hunt for a new golf partner? TTPGolf makes it easier than ever to find golfers partners aligned with your golfing preferences.

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