Today is an exciting one for Time to Play Golf as it marks the highlight of the Golfweek Amateur Tour Championship. Already underway, the 3-day National Tour Championship started this morning in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

The Golfweek Amateur Tour Championship features “golfers of all ages and abilities giving amateur players a Tour to call their own.” It is here in Hilton Head, SC where “the ‘best of the best’ in each flight come to compete and a new Tour Champion is named in each flight.” Participating in the competition is Time to Play Golf, including TTPGolf’s visionary and founder, Doug Hilgenberg.

Courtesy of Red Dog Glass, team Time to Play Golf is suited up for the National Tour Championship (check out that swag logo work!) and ready to swing.

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The National Tour Championship Details:

Tour members are placed in one of five flights based on handicaps. Flights are: Championship (0-3.9 handicap), A Flight (4-8.9), B Flight (9-13.9), C Flight (14-18.9) and D Flight (19 and up). Members of team TTPG find themselves in the A flight amongst the pairings, playing on the Ocean Course (SeaPines).

To receive updates straight from the Time to Play Golf team, connect with our growing golf social network via Facebook and Twitter. Over the course of the next three days, TTPG will be blasting out news from the scene.

Wishing all of the golfers playing in the National Tour Championship good luck on the course!

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