Time to Play Golf serves the Golf community by connecting you to other golfers and giving you a forum to share your golf experiences and your love of the game. You can post events and help increase awareness for charity outings. You can create and join golf groups near you. We are here to help you play more golf and make the game more enjoyable. Feel free to share your thoughts in the main feed or in the forums.

Here are some tips to help you navigate TTPGolf:

Find Golfers –

It is super simple to find golfers near you. Please click the “Golfers” Tab on top of the Desktop website or as you can see below on your mobile phone or our mobile app click  Find Golfers and choose Golfer under the “What” Menu.

This will open up our search categories for golfers near you including Location, Age, Gender and Golf Skill Level or handicap.

After you have found golfer you are interested in playing with you can send them a friend request or message them with round details and your additional contact information.

Sharing your Golf Experiences and Posting Golf play requests-

It is very easy to upload photos and videos ( Through Youtube and Vimeo) onto Time to Play Golf. Simply click in the Grey/White Box under the Share your Golf Experiences tab. You will see the words Share Story. It will disappear as you start typing a story or when you share a golf photo.

You can tag your golf friends on TTPGolf as well.

Posting Play Requests –

You have the option of simply saying anyone looking to play golf, however to make your play request more detailed its simple. Search the Golf course you want to play by clicking on the Golf Courses menu tab. Use the Search to find courses near you or simply search the course name.

You can “Join” your favorite courses and post a play request by simply clicking “Post” on mobile or typing in the Share Story Tab as previously described. Just say “Hey I am looking to play golf would anyone like to join” Our system will notify others who have joined that course that someone is looking to golf.

After you play you can even post a review on the Golf Course.

Find Tee Times and Read Golf Course Reviews-

We have linked you up to Supremegolf.com which compares all of the tee times around country in one convenient place. you can see all the reviews on golf courses right on TTPGolf.com and even write your own reviews.

Time to Play Golf Web Shop –

The TTPGolf Web shop is a combination of our own Golf Gear as well as gear directly from manufacturers. I have personally verified each vendor that is on the site or have linked each product to a verified dealer of each golf product. I strive to protect the integrity of the game and the product you enjoy. Never worry about buying a fake club again.

Our plans are to create a true rewards program on www.TTPGolf.com you will have to create a separate customer account to track your points. Points can be exchanged for golf products, you may find yourself having enough points to get a free Polo, Hat or even rounds of golf.

Golf News- 

TTPGolf News links you to some of the most popular social accounts in the Golf world. Simply click Golf news and you will see a customized news feed comprised of the bests of the best in the golf world at your fingertips.

We will continue to strive for excellence at Time to Play Golf and love to hear your feedback as we build this community. Invite your friends and help us spread the word.

Let’s Grow this Game Together! Have fun out there.