Call me crazy if you want to. Many people have, but I was on a mission. That mission may have been thought to be impossible, but I chose to accept it. I was to find three golf courses in the Palm Springsarea that are affordable and accessible to the average golfer. These courses should be memorable and worth it to play, not chosen just because their green fees are low. This would would be done during their high season, which is winter when the weather in Palm Springs is at its best and most pleasant. People from cold winter climates come to Palm Springs to enjoy the warmth of the desert.

Here was the idea. I was a visitor to the Palm Springs area, brought my clubs and had some time to fit in a round of golf. I didn’t have the $200 to play one of the very famous courses but wanted to play a course that is both challenging and pleasing, one that I wouldn’t forget and want to come back to the area to play again. I had to do this with two restrictions; I couldn’t go to an online tee time reservation system and green fees had to be under $80 with cart. Given that, how did I find that which I sought.

My stay in the Palm Springs Area was one week. I chose a condominium and hotel resort in Desert Hot Springs as my base of operations. The resort offers a hot spring mineral pool with mineral jacuzzi and is out of the way so that I could get the relaxation and comfort needed for my difficult task, just the quiet place to reflect on my strategy and completion of my mission.

My arrival at my condominium was about 3:00 Saturday afternoon after spending a couple of days in San Diego for a kind of mini vacation as a way of preparing for my mission. Check in went well, and I dropped off my things at the condo. It was time to get back into my 350Z and drive the few miles to explore Palm Springs. I turned on to Palm Drive the main road between Desert Hot Springs and PalmSprings.

Desert Dunes Golf Course is on Palm Drive about half way between Desert Hot Springs and PalmSprings. It sits alone in the desert, with no development, residential or commercial, around it. The location of the course is very beautiful in its isolation. The contrast between the stark desert landscape and the lush green of the course caught my eye. I turned off Palm Drive and drove to the clubhouse to investigate the course and found out I was in luck. The course was affordable and fit into the cost I had set for green fees. My tee time was set for 11:00 on Monday and I was excited.