golf network

Get more out of your time spent on the course with these helpful networking tips:

  1. Be friendly. 
    Don’t bombard your golf partners with heavy business talk right off the bat. You’ll look too eager or come off as a self-interested go-getter. Ease in. Let the conversation naturally and casually unfold. Cultivate a friendly interaction or two first, then talk business.
  2. Be real. 
    Cheaters never prosper. On the course or in business. Be real about your score, where your ball lies, and all else. If your golf partners can’t trust you on the course, they won’t trust you in business.
  3. Mind your golfing P’s & Q’s. 
    You don’t have to be a golf guru, but at least have the basics of the game down before you hit the course. Also, be transparent about your newness to the game. Ask more experienced partners for advice and questions about their personal journeys with golf. People love sharing stories about themselves. People love sharing their expertise. So, it’s highly recommended you take interest in other players’ golf stories, backgrounds, experiences, etc. This goes for business conversations, too!
  4. Don’t be a sore loser. 
    There’s nothing worse than a Negative Nancy on the green. Sourpusses are a major downer. On the course and in business. So, bring your best attitude with you. Put on a smile. Have fun! That’s what this game is all about!
  5. Join Time to Play Golf. 
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