The game of golf boasts many benefits – both physical, mental, and perhaps, even spiritual!

For those with a competitive edge, the game definitely presents numerous opportunities to work out those competitive tendencies.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The game delivers a laundry list of benefits to the devoted player by promoting a solid physical workout, enhanced interaction with others, and more time spent enjoying the openness of the great outdoors.

  1. More Exercise
    All that walking from hole to hole, swinging clubs, and hauling around clubs, is a sure way to torch calories. Hit the course to stay fit and healthy in 2014.
  2. More Interaction
    Golf presents a wonderful opportunity to develop new friendships and experience meaningful interactions. We know this interaction is enhanced through the telling of jokes, the sharing of stories, business networking, getting to know each other in informal settings, and by playing with new/different golf partners. This is exactly why we created Time to Play Golf. Our golf social network facilitates these types of interactions – interactions that we know to be powerful and full of potential for all players! Join our growing golf network to find golf buddies, organize tee times with your current golf partner(s), launch golf events, follow your favorite golf courses, and more! Let’s grow this game together in 2014!
  3. More Outdoor Time
    Get out of the office. Get away from the TV. Get some fresh air and soak up the natural surroundings! Enjoy the quiet, meditative quality of the course to release any stress you’re experiencing at home or at the office. Play golf to feel more centered and focused in 2014.

May 2014 present you with many opportunities to play more golf and to grow your game!