There are countless ways to better your game, but here are some simple tactics that anyone can implement on and off the course:

  1. Practice yoga. As a golfer, it’s important to keep your hips and back flexible and strong, increasing your power to stroke the ball. Also, because golf is a very one-side dominant game, it’s important to balance out the body, promoting better body symmetry to keep you healthier longer. Yoga helps to work the shoulders and wrists to help perfect the victory form you desire. Incorporate yoga into your warm ups and while on the course to counter tension in the lower back and/or shoulders – chronic areas of tightness for golfers. Nowadays, you can even find yoga classes specifically sequenced for golfers!
  2. Consume adequate fuel. Don’t hit the course before filling up the engine. Consume a complex carbohydrate and a good protein source pre-game. This combo will surely provide sufficient energy for the course ahead. Keep fueling during the game, but try to avoid the typical play-golf-drink-beer routine. Nourish your body with healthy, energizing foods.
  3. Warm up. 30 minutes before your tee time, it’s wise to begin warming up the body in preparation for your game. Do some dynamic stretching to get moving (arm circles, partial squats, toe touches, yoga exercises) followed by some half swings and wedges.
  4. Hydrate. Before you get to the course, try to put back about 1 gallon of water. Dehydration can totally wreck your game, causing energy loss, lack of focus and concentration, and fatigue later in the round. When you’re on the course, remember to keep drinking water every hole.
  5. Join our golf network. The best way to boost your game is to build strong, meaningful connections. Tapping into a golf network expands your access to golf news, resources, courses, events, and helps you to find new golf partners or find golf buddies in your area and beyond. Our golf partner finder is convenient, simple to use, and free. Join our golf social network today to expand your game!