I had the opportunity to test out the Tru Roll Tri-II Putter. It was center shafted and has a nice Black PVD Finish to it. I loved the way it rolled off the face was just awesome I loved it. This putter is what you see is what you get. The science is there and the performance is there. Many Golfers had the opportunity to try this out at our recent golf show. They had nothing but good comments. Even if at first they hesitated to try something new they moment the hit the Tru-Roll putter they were hooked.


The performance is there even if the look is not for everyone my take is hey would you rather look good missing putts or hit a Tru Roll into the hole… that my friends is your decision ;).



What the Manufacturer says:

With traditional flat-faced putters, proper hand position is critical to hitting good putts as it affects the loft on your putter. If your hands are too far forward, or too far back, you will struggle making solid contact, getting the ball on your intended line and controlling the distance.

Solution #1:
With a Tru-Roll Putter, your hand position does not affect the loft. This increases the error-margin, directly resulting in more putts made, less three-putts and therefore lower scores


Challenge #2: Consistent Roll
At impact, the traditional flat-faced putter causes the ball to hop off the face and get airborne with back spin. The ball then must overcome this back spin when it makes contact with the green before it can roll towards the hole. This change in motion, or skidding, makes it significantly more difficult to both consistently get the ball rolling on your intended line and to have consistent distance control.

Solution #2:
The round face of the Tru-Roll Putter reacts differently at impact. With the round surface making contact with the ball, the ball rolls true, without back spin or skidding. This means more putts are on line and proper distance control is significantly easier to achieve.


Challenge #3: Forgiveness on Miss-hits
Traditional flat-faced putters also cause a lot of resistance when the putter “scuffs” along the green during the putting motion. This common miss-hit causes the ball to come up several feet short of the hole leading to more missed putts and higher scores.

Solution #3:
When the same stroke is made with a Tru-Roll Putter, the round face is not nearly as affected by scuffing the green as the flat-faced putter; the putt still rolls out towards the hole, leaving a significantly shorter second putt.