It was the Final round at the Barclays Golf Tournament at Plainfield Country Club. Fellow TTPGolf member grabbed last minute tickets and had invited 4 of us to come out for the day. It was a great day for golf but the story that many golfers will never hear has to be told.

TTPGolf member Steve Sanguiliano was at the 1st green when none other then Donald Trump walks right at us with an impressive amount of security. Steve wanted a picture. However, Donald Trump has people asking left and right and just keeps on walking with his Make America Great Again hat on. Steve would not back down and in the moment comes up with a Ballsy line ” Hey Donald I hate Rosie O’Donnell too.” The Don stops dead in his tracks grabs Steve and they snap a picture together.

Check it out:





Whether you want him as your next President or Not this was one heck of a funny moment.

Final Round Review of the Barclays and some additional stories to follow with our group tomorrow