I wanted to write to the membership and get your thoughts on a few things. We have implemeneted a new online golf shop where Manufacturers and Vendors as well Golf Courses will be adding products and packages on a weekly basis.

Why shop on TTPGolf?

Simple we reward you for buying golf gear and packages. Lets say you buy a few rounds of golf or apPutter or even a set of clubs. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could order a POLO or golf towel or Accessory absolutely on the House!

Well I sure like it so I decided why don’t I implement that on Time to Play Golf. Check it out


Finding Golfers more easily –

We wanted to help you find golfer to pair up with and play golf. It has been a tough process but we are very close to having a great solution for you. We are looking into making the Network Location based so for instance if you are in the Florida Network you will only see members from Florida’s feed on the home page. You will also see all content from pages you like and subscribe to just click the “like” button.

You will also be able to “Join” Golf courses online invite your friends to join your favorite clubs and let the CLUB know about us. The more Golf Courses we can get on Time to Play Golf the more interesting everything will become. When you click the post button on mobile or Share a story on the feed our system will notify other golfer you are looking to play golf that simple. They can then comment on your post or message you.

Friend as many golfers near you as possible no worries about being shy we are all on here looking to play more golf.

Going Forward – 

We are looking into many upgrades and partnerships each week. If anyone would like to work with us in any capacity please reah out to me just click my name and send me a message or e-mail me doug@ttpgolf.com or call me 908-310-2174

We will be making our activity feed better than ever before hoepfully very similar to how you post on Facebook. Many of you are already comfortable using Facebook so lets not reinvent the wheel.  DO you have an interesting story, photo or video you saw share it to the memebrship this network is driven by you!

The first year and a half of Time to Play Golf was an adventure a challenge and an experience for me personally. If many of you do not know this I run Time to Play Golf by myself I could use the help of the network to get courses interested in working with us. If you feel comfortable reaching out to a course and letting them know about Time to Play Golf here is a great link that shows Golf Course managers how it can help their club. Course Link

Last year at this time we had just under 950 members. This year we have over 4,000 members and climbing please keep inviting your friends every member counts! Together I believe we are on to something special that can help grow the game of Golf as well as create a more enjoyable Golf experience day in and day out.


Let’s Grow this Game Together!


Have any feedback check out the forum and let me know your thoughts- Forum Link