You’ve joined Time to Play Golf to find more golf partners, connect with others that play the same course you do, and schedule play so that others can join you. So far, so good. But how do you actually do it and get results?

There are three features that you can use to make new golf friends and create more opportunities to play.

First of all, Posts and Comments are the two main ways you get involved with the golf activity on TTPGolf and in your local area. It’s a golf social network, right? That means you’ve got to be social to network: You’ve got to use it to connect with other golfers and make things happen.

Posting? Easy. Sign in, you’re on your homepage. The “Post Something” box is right there, under “What’s New.” That’s where the conversation starts. From needing a fourth, to scheduling play weeks in advance, to looking for golf partners, to asking about a golf course, getting other people’s opinion about a new set of irons or even commenting on what the pros are doing—you can talk about it there. Similarly, adding a comment to other members’ posts keeps the conversation going. That’s the primary way you strike up acquaintances with new golf buddies and increase your golf network.

Creating a Group is a good way to cast a wider net and let others find you, based on something you have in common. For example, you might start a group based at your club that plays at a set time on a particular day. Once you’ve created the group—including giving it a name, description, location and other information—other golfers can find and join it. Then TTPGolf makes it easy to communicate with the group members. Other types of groups could be based on level of play, interest in travel to other courses, support for a good cause, or any other shared interest.

Another good idea? Get your friends involved. You’re making new golf friends through TTPGolf, but what about the ones you already have? Use the Invite Friends feature to import your contacts, invite them one at a time, or reach them through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Find. Follow. Connect.