Time to Play Golf is on its way to becoming the easiest, most convenient place for members to quickly find comprehensive information about any golf course in New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia region. We’re in the process of creating basic listings for hundreds of public and private courses, golf clubs and country clubs throughout the area—nearly 300 courses in New Jersey alone.

Each course listing will have a write-up about the club’s background, history, course description and memorable features, along with location and contact information (address, phone number, website and Facebook links, directions and map).

Beyond that—because TTPGolf is about the golf community sharing real golf experiences—the site makes it easy for members to add updates, discussions and photos. Here’s how you might use those features:

  • Playing a round at your home course? Take a few shots of your favorite holes and post them to TTPGolf. What do you like about it, what makes it challenging, or what’s the best way to play the hole? Your updates will let other golfers get a feel for the course, or compare their on-course experience to yours.
  • Maybe your club is holding an event and you want to create some extra buzz around it or help other members who are following the course stay up to date? Just post an update about it. Your posts can include links and videos too.

For a good idea of what you can do with posts, take a look at the listing for Heron Glen. Never played it? Here’s a hole-by-hole photo gallery with descriptions, provided by the club. Chances are you can create a similar gallery for your course, either using your own photographs and descriptions, or content from the club, it it’s available to you. If your course isn’t listed yet, use the Post New Course form to submit information and get it included.

All site features you use to post about, follow, browse and manage your courses are accessed by choosing Golf Courses in the main navigation menu. Find. Follow. Connect.