The game of golf boasts many benefits, including the health perks of walking, the social stimulation of being with friends and family, and the mental challenge – all good things, right? Right. And all things that will keep you young and fly!

But that’s not all.

The game also has the potential to enrich your professional life.

Perhaps you are already aware of all of this, but you’re just looking for a starting point.

Well, look no further.

If you are struggling to find golf partners, golf lessons, golf clubs, and/or golf events, our blossoming golf social network is the ultimate source.

Not so long ago, golf was a sport reserved for men. Slowly, the game evolved, welcoming more women on board. But still, men greatly outnumber women on golf courses and at corporate golf events.

One of our goals here at TTPGolf is to attract and retain more women in the game. To support this intention, our golf network serves as a tool for women to get more involved in the game and connect with other female players. Our network even allows female members to develop customized (and creative!) “female only” golf outings, events, and groups.

Why’s this important?

Playing golf exclusively with other women can really add to your confidence, especially when you’re new to the game. You can play in your comfort zone, feeling no pressure and/or the need to impress.

TTPGolf also serves as a virtual realm where you can probe other female members with questions and curiosities about the game. Receive advice. Give advice. Maybe even connect with female golf partners that align with your personal/golf partner preferences.

Bottom-line: Golf is a physical activity that every woman should at least consider taking up. It’s a great business tool, holding the power to initiate meaningful professional relationships.

Join TTPGolf today to expand your circle of business connections and contacts.

Enrich your professional life through golf!