TTPGolf was created to grow the game of golf by offering an accessible golf social network for all types of players – new or seasoned, young or advanced in years, male or female.

Though golf is still considered a predominantly male-dominated game, a lot more women are hitting the course. Membership figures for the Ladies Golf Union leapt from 177,000 in the 90s to more than 230,000 in 2000. Over the past 20 years, the number of women playing golf has increased by more than 65%. Thus, it appears as though the gender gap, which has so long prevailed in this domain, is gradually shrinking.

Why the shift?

Traditionally, golf was perceived as a leisurely old man’s sport. These days, however, the game’s image is very different and more evolved. Golf, today, is really being celebrated for the powerful elements of energy involved. Hitting the ball is no longer considered some leisurely endeavor. Rather, it’s realized as a very powerful movement that requires players be in good shape.

This image shift from a slow and gentle game, to one that can deliver an intense workout, may be one reason why more women are taking up the sport, including celebrities such as Catherine Zeta Jones and Geri Halliwell.

Plus, as the game has evolved and gained more female attraction, the benefits of golf have become more widely recognized – benefits including greater strength and balance, enhanced cardiovascular strength and endurance, a flatter, firmer stomach, improved spinal flexibility, and more of a full-body workout compared to other sports.

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Let’s grow the equality between men and women in this game!