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Time to Play Golf allows you to meet people and schedule matches. Find and connect with local golfers in your area to meet partners that fit your playing preferences. Post your schedule so others can join in when you plan to play and receive updates from other golfers that have posted times meeting your preferences.

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Keep up to date with club news. Connect with partners who play the same courses you do. And follow the courses to see what’s happening.

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Now, painlessly find the perfect golf partner and more using the easy-to-use, convenient features of our super cool mobile app.Connect easier with current golf partners and also, find new golf buddies. Locate exclusive golf courses. Post tee times to the courses you like to play. TTPGolf – your online country club – enables you, the golfer, to grow this game. Let’s grow this game together!

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Trying to grow your game? Our budding golf social network is chock-full of opportunities to connect with local golf instructors. Use TTPGolf’s powerful networking features to search for instructors, schedule lessons, and receive expert advice. Tap into this virtual source of limitless game-changing potential!

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TTPGolf comes with many awesome features…

Time To Play Golf – the quintessential online golf club – inspires us all to expand this game together. It’s social networking at its finest, focused exclusively on golf, in an effort to help players find more golf partners, follow favorite courses, and facilitate meaningful connections through golf. Nothing better than that!

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Time to Play Golf is the real deal. It’s a networking realm that enables all golfers, big or small in fame, the opportunity to grow this game. Let’s Grow this Game Together!

Doug Hilgenberg
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Doug Hilgenberg

For me, it’s all about golf, and my passion for the game ultimately led me to launch a thriving golf social network.

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What is TTPGolf?

Time to Play Golf is a golf social network designed to help people build connections through golf anytime, anywhere. Find another player, discover new opportunities to play, launch/join golf events, and more!

How does scheduling work?

Simply post the time your scheduling as an event. Set the time, date and notes of an event for your personal schedule. Your friends and network will be able to see the scheduled event. The best way to schedule a match is by using the TTPGolf mobile app available for free download via Google Play and the App Store.

How do I find a golf partner to play with?

You can use the members tab to browse or search for members by name, type of member, location, and distance. Advanced search options allow you to narrow the results, for example, by handicap. You can also publish your schedule and invite people to join you.

How do I add my business to TTPGolf?

Go to the business tab and hit “add new business.” Follow the instructions on the next few pages. Now, you are golfing and networking! Be sure to use your share feature as well as our rich text overview to make your company really stand out.

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